O L G A   D A V I D O W

Olga Davidow was accompanied by the sense of fashion and beauty her whole life. She studied Literature and Art in the vibrant city of Moscow, her home town. Afterwards she moved to Munich in the beginning of the 90s, where her life is still centered.

Inspired by travelling and meeting many different cultures, she started to create various jewellery collections and established her own company in 2004.

In her collections jewellery is not seen as a luxury item only to be worn on special occasions, but they offer a modern woman something special for every day that can be worn according to individual trends and emotions.

All the handmade pieces of jewellery are esthetically harmonized using a unique combination of various semi-precious stones, pearls and corals with a special attention to precise colour combination.

This sophisticated but trendy jewellery consists of a multitude of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, guaranteeing uniqueness, individuality and exclusiveness.